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Rotary Valves and Diverting Valves are used in breaking, dosing and pneumatic transport of powders and granules of any type, in the food, chemicals and plastics, lines of low, medium and high pressure.

Olocco avails itself of the very latest highly advanced technology in the design and production of its components.
A valid team is involved in ongoing research to renew and to improve the quality of its product range, thanks to a
modern CAD 3D system.
We use high-technology to produce valves and accessories for pneumatic transport and metering always in the vanguard in terms of technical specifications, quality and safety. Thanks to minimum tolerances and technical devices we are able to meet the specific needs of every type of product and customer.

(Mario Olocco)


For the particular construction the several type of rotors and the minimum
tolerances, it ensures excellent airlock and good flowing of the product in pneumatic conveying lines.

In compliance with the provisions of the EC regulation nr. 1935/2004 concerning materials and objects intended to come into contact with food products
(MOCA), and to the EC regulation nr.2023 / 2006 on good manufacturing practices of materials and objects intended to come into contact with food.

For us, being among the leading companies in the Movement and Dosing sector is a source of pride and satisfaction.
For our work we need great preparation, precision and constant updating and the passion that we have for it, allows us today to exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers


This Valve is the result of a constant research devoted to the conveying and feeling problems.

Manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel AISI316, is used to handle loose products in powder or grains. The pneumatic tightness is granted by an adiprene or white rubber seal special for the food industry which is fitted inside the valve. The butterfly valve “VPF” is available with manual control or electro-pneumatic interlock consisting in actuator, electrovalve, coils and micro-switches.